Monday, November 7, 2016

Congratulations Rocio and Alexus!

Our first certificates of this term went to Rocio and Alexus - congratulations girls! Rocio gets her certificate for an excellent effort in writing. She has been working independently at writing time and finishing her work quickly. Well done Rocio!

Alexus' certificate is for an excellent start to Term Four. Alexus has begun the term with such a happy, positive attitude to school and it is great to see the joy she is showing for learning. Keep up the great work Alexus!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Exploring volume in maths

This term in maths we will be spending some time focussing on Measurement.  Today we explored the concept of volume, through the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The children listened to the story and then afterwards we looked at three bowls of different sizes.  The children made predictions of which bowl belongs to Papa Bear, which bowl belongs to Mama Bear and which bowl belongs to Baby Bear.


The children agreed with Cyprus that the red bowl was Baby Bear's bowl because it was the smallest.  They agreed with Nathaniel that the black bowl was Mama Bear's bowl because it was the next biggest.  And they agreed with Timnet that the brown bowl was Papa Bear's bowl because it was the biggest.

Ms Chan filled the red bowl with rice bubbles.  The children said that this bowl was the smallest.

Ms Chan asked,  How do you know you are right?  How can we check?

Cyprus explained, 'Measure the rice bubbles to see whose (which) is the biggest (bowl).'

Ken poured the rice bubbles from the red bowl (Baby Bear's Bowl) into the black bowl, Mama Bear's bowl.

Rosina commented, 'Looks bigger than Baby Bears'.  Cyprus added, 'Baby Bear's size is up to here (points to the top) and Mama Bears is only up to here.'

Next Helina poured the rice bubbles from the black bowl (Mama Bear's bowl) into the brown bowl (Papa Bear's bowl).  Helina commented, 'Tiny . . . looks little.'

Elena added 'The rice is not full because there's more space.'

After they had finished comparing which bowl could hold the most and smallest amount of rice bubbles, the children drew the different bowls to help strengthen their understanding of what had been experienced.

On their finished drawings, each child pointed out which bowl could hold the most rice bubbles and which bowl could hold the smallest amount of rice bubbles.


We look forward to exploring measurement further and seeing the childrens' ideas and understanding develop through more hands on experiences such as this one, that allow plenty of opportunities for the children to demonstrate, discuss and share their thinking with each other.

Congratulations Ken And Ceazah-Blue!

At the end of last term Ken and Ceazah-Blue got certificates from Mr. Hadnett. Mr. Hadnett had counted up all the Values Vouchers students had got for Term Three. In our class Ken and Ceazah-Blue had earned the most so they got certificates!

Congratulations boys and keep up the great attitudes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Let The Games Begin!

Today we had the Christ the King Catholic School Mini-Olympics! We had an early lunch and then we all lined up behind the flag of the country we were representing. Miss McKenna and some students from Room 2 and Room 4 led us in a prayer. Then we sang the National Anthem. After that, we marched around the top court behind our team flag while Mr Tyrell played his guitar and we all sang the Christ the King school song.

Then, the games were open and we were off to our first activity! Miss McKenna's activity was Beachball Volleyball and she took some photos of us playing. Check them out in the collage below!

It was great to see so many of the teams embracing the Olympic, and our school, values as they worked together as a team during Beachball Volleyball. There was some fantastic communication and encouragement and Miss McKenna was pleased to see so many groups ensuring justice by taking turns and sharing the ball. Many of the older children were fantastic coaches of the younger students. 

A big shout-out to the fantastic parents who came and supported us. It was great to see so many whanau of our class! And an extra shout-out to those of you who were game enough to join us for a game of beachball volleyball. It was so cool to see you working with your tamariki and we hope to see you at our next school event sometime soon.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Nathaniel Came To Visit Today!

Today Nathaniel, Jacob and John Paul's little brother, came to visit us in Room Six. Nathaniel has just turned five and he is going to start school next term.

At morning tea time Jacob, John Paul and Nathaniel's sister Miriam all helped to look after him. What lovely brothers and sister you have Nathaniel. We are looking forward to you starting school Nathaniel. Thanks for coming to meet us today!

Congratulations To Our Budding Authors!

A big congratulations to Rosina and Aubrey who today received certificates for some fantastic writing they have been doing.

Room Six have been learning to write instructions and Rosina and Aubrey both wrote an excellent set of instructions about how to make jelly on Monday. Your instructions were simple, clear and ordered. Well done girls!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Painting Still Life Flowers in Room 6

This afternoon, the Room 6 children were invited to paint spring flowers - daffodils and freesias, from Ms Chan's garden.

The children were encouraged to look carefully at the flowers and paint what they could see.  Some of the things the children noticed were:

-Daffodils have yellow petals and are orange in the middle
- The white freesias have yellow in the middle
- The freesias have little green buds
- The daffodils and freesias have long, green stems
- There are no leaves on the freesias or the daffodils

Come and visit Room 6 to see our finished paintings!